Please go thru the following frequently asked questions:

1. I have several years of experience in medical transcription as a QA/QC/team manager/team supervisor. What designation can you offer me?

A: Irrespective of any number of years of experience in medical transcription, you will have to start your career in medical scribing in the designation of “On-the-job Trainee Medical Scribe.” Once you gain the hands-on knowledge of the medical scribing profession, we can then evaluate your total years of experience when we have managerial vacancies as and when available in the organization.

Also, of note, we do not prefer to recruit managers from outside the organization but would prefer to groom our managers from within the existing team.

2. Who is eligible to get selected directly as an OJT?

A: Any experienced medical transcription professional or someone who has already undergone phase 1 training in another medical scribing company is eligible to apply for on-the-job trainee medical scribe position.

3. I am currently earning a good salary in a reputed medical transcription company. Why do you think I should quit my MT profession and start all over in scribing profession as a trainee?

  1. We all know that the volume in medical transcription is reducing day-by-day and moving to EMR. This means the number of people needed in MT industry is going to reduce.
  2. Your earnings are not going to be fluctuating due to random quality scores due to inconsistent QA corrections, which can vary from individual to individual.
  3. You will not have to deal with multiple physicians every day, which in turn can affect your quality of transcript even after 10 years of experience in MT profession unlike in scribe where you will only get better on each passing day since you are working for 1-2 physicians.

4. If I choose to join Medical Scribing profession in your company, then what designation will I be selected, and what is the compensation that I can expect?

A: You shall be selected as On-the-job trainee Medical Scribe or OJT Medical Scribe, and your compensation shall be Rs. 30,000 per month + food + transportation.

5. How long will I have to work as an OJT?

A: We expect that you will have to work for a minimum of 1 month and some might take 2-3 months’ time to start working independently as a Medical Scribe. You will start earning Rs. 40,000 per month + food + transportation.

6. What is the earning potential in scribing profession?

A: Please refer to our “aspirant” section where you will see the earning potential for a trainee is Rs. 23,250 per month and Rs. 63,250 per month for an experienced scribe. Not to forget, there are no line counts to chase, correction reports to check, or monthly QA accuracy that can change your earnings on the last day of the month.

7. I am currently working out of home in MT profession. Can I work from home when I switch to scribing profession too?

A: Currently, there is no option to work from home.

8. I have heard that I cannot take a break at work whenever I want to unlike in MT profession. Is this true?

A: You will have to shadow a physician and hence you can take breaks whenever the physician takes a break. However, we are contemplating on setting up relief scribes who will allow you to take breaks when needed. Having said that, you will probably spend less time on computer than you would have spent in MT to earn similar or better earnings.

9. What are the challenges of working as a medical scribe?

  1. You can work only in night shift.
  2. You will have to work out of office as currently there is no option to work from home.
  3. Your breaks will have to be aligned to that of the doctor’s breaks. However, you can use the relief scribe in some cases.
  4. Your salary is fixed in the sense that you cannot increase your monthly earning by transcribing/editing more lines in a particular month.

10. Is it true that scribing profession has lot more pressure when compared to medical transcription profession?

A: No. This is a profession where you are working with one physician. Over time, you only get more comfortable with the physician and develop a personal rapport with the physician.

11. Do I have to sign any indemnity bond if I get selected as OJT?

A: No, you do not have to sign any indemnity bond. The bond is only for individuals who are trained fresh at our facility.

12. What are the work timings?

A: Depending on where the physician’s office/hospital is located i.e., East Coast of US or West Coast of US, your timings will vary. It could start as early as 5:30 PM Indian time or 10 PM Indian time and end accordingly.

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