Sorry, we have indefinitely postponed the decision to train freshers as we have received huge response from MT professionals. It is faster and easier to train MT professionals than freshers and hence this decision. We have resumes of all individuals who had applied for this position. Should we change our decision, we shall reach out to you.


Please go thru the following frequently asked questions:

1. What is virtual medical scribing?

A: It is a process where a medical scribe documents physician-patient encounters to EHR (electronic health record) system in real time. It is called virtual scribing because the scribe is sitting in India and hearing the conversation between the physician and the patient through ear phones.

2. How is medical scribing different from medical transcription profession?

Medical transcription Medical Scribing
Physician dictates the report and is typed mostly verbatim The scribe has to summarize the report based on the already available content in EHR and from physician-patient conversation
Turn around time of 20 minutes to 24 hours Real-time documentation
Medical transcriptionist never gets to speak to the physician A scribe gets interact with the physician orally and/or electronically

3. What are the challenges of working as a medical scribe?

  1. You can work only in night shift.
  2. You will have to work out of office as currently there is no option to work from home.
  3. Your breaks will have to be aligned to that of the doctor’s breaks. However, you can use the relief scribe in some cases.
  4. Fixed salary.

4. Do you provide training?

A: Yes, we do provide training, and it is free. In fact, we pay stipend during training. See below for compensation details during various stages of training and employment.

Designation Duration CTC salary per month Deferred loyalty bonus paid once a year Total per month Deductible Perks apart from CTC salary
Trainee 2 - 3 months 20000 NA 20000 Professional tax Food and transportation
OJT 1 - 3 months 30000 NA 30000 Professional tax Food and transportation
Medical Scribe Based on performance 40000 0 40000 Employer PF, employee PF, gratuity, PT, and IT Food and transportation
Senior Medical Scribe Based on performance 45000 4500 49500 Employer PF, employee PF, gratuity, PT, and IT Food and transportation
Executive team member Based on performance 55000 5000 60000 Employer PF, employee PF, gratuity, PT, and IT Food and transportation
NOTE: (1) Rs. 2000 is paid in addition to above-mentioned amount if the individual opts for own transportation (2) Employer PF, employee PF, gratuity, professional tax, and income tax deductible from above-mentioned amount

5. What is the catch if you are providing free training?

A: You will have to sign an indemnity bond to work with us for a period of 24 months from the date of start of training. You also have to submit your original educational certificates, and the company shall return the same after successful completion of 24 months of your service in the company. The company shall provide an acknowledgement in this regard, and the certificates shall be kept under safe custody. In case, you choose to quit for whatever reasons, you are liable to pay back a partial training cost of Rs. 1 lakh to the company before being relieved.

6. What happens if I do not feel comfortable with the training, night shift, or any other reasons?

A: You can collect a copy of indemnity bond on or before the date of joining. However, you shall have a a look-up period of 1 month to decide and sign this indemnity bond. Should you choose not to continue with the training, then you shall not be eligible for stipend during the look-up period. You are also expected to surrender original educational certificates once you choose to sign the indemnity bond and be part of the training program.

You have a provision to further understand the working atmosphere, training content, etc., for the first 3 months from the date of joining. If you want to withdraw from the training program, then you are expected to repay the stipend amount paid to you, and the company shall cancel the indemnity bond and give back the collected original educational certificates to you once the company is in receipt of the stipend repayment.

7. Who is eligible to enroll in your training program?

A: Any graduate/diploma holder in medical sciences (dentistry, MBBS, nursing, DPharma, BPharma, BSc (bio), MSc (bio), etc.) is preferred.

8. I am not from medical background. Can I enroll for the medical scribe training program?

A: We would make exceptions to non-medical background graduates or undergraduates provided your spoken and written English is very good + if you have a good typing speed.

9. Do you have any other branches in Bangalore or in India?

A: We are currently based out of our office at Malleshwaram, Bangalore, and we do not have any other branches.

10. I am interested in your training program. Do I have to come to Bangalore to take test?

A: You do not have to come to Bangalore to take test as we have online testing module.

11. Tell me more about your training program??

A: Training Program Overview

We provide classroom as well as practical training over a course of 8 weeks in a HIPAA-compliant environment where specifics of the documentation program utilized in clinical settings are introduced and mastered.

Training syllabus:


12. Do you offer online training program?

A: No, we do not offer online training program.

Other Requirements:

Selection process to get into our training program:

If the above questions did not answer your question or if you have any other question, then please write to