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8+ Years

Of Experience in Medical Scribing, Medical Coding, and VMOS

At ScribeEMR, we revolutionize the path to superior patient care through our advanced technology-driven solutions. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, including medical scribing, virtual medical office solutions (VMOS), and medical coding. Our offerings streamline administrative tasks, enabling healthcare providers to focus exclusively on patient care, thereby freeing up time and reducing costs.

Our History

Our founders (veterans in the medical documentation industry since 1999) have worked with nearly every EMR platform. Their first company, Focus Infosys India Private Limited (aka FocusMT India Private Limited), has a rich history of innovation and success in various fields.

It expanded to 700 medical transcriptionists and was acquired by Nuance in 2007, forming the foundation of Dragon Medical dictation. Additionally, they established Focus Cares Inc., training and placing several Indian nurses in various US hospitals. Their vision extended to education through Focus Edumatics, providing online tutoring to thousands of US students, and demonstrating a commitment to quality and accessibility in education.

Nuage Edtech, our sister company, was founded by Anirudh Baheti in 2008. It is an e-learning management company that develops engaging content for US publishers, corporates, and universities. Collaborating with US universities and colleges, Nuage Edtech helps develop e-campuses for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

In 2016, the founders launched ScribeEMR to fulfill their vision of providing real-time, remote scribe and AI-powered support services that increase revenue, streamline administrative duties, and reduce the workload on physicians. With offices in Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, and Mohali, our reach and impact continue to grow, driven by a commitment to excellence and innovation in every endeavor.


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Medical Scribing

Transform your practice with accurate Medical Scribing for improved patient care...

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Medical Coding

Let qualified medical coders assign precise ICD and CPT codes for optimized billing and faster ...

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Manage patient referrals in the most effective manner, ensuring a seamless continuum of care and utmost patient...

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