Why ScribeEMR

Culture at ScribeEMR

  • Awards and Recognition

    At ScribeEMR, we go beyond just a pay-cheque! Our awards and recognition programs celebrate outstanding achievements and contributions from our team members. By celebrating success stories, we encourage a sense of shared purpose and inspire everyone to contribute to the team's achievements.

  • Monthly Best Team Performer

    Every month, we spotlight a team member who's gone the extra mile for a client. Recognizing those who exceed client expectations reinforces our company values, such as teamwork and client focus, and motivates everyone to strive for excellence. It's a simple way to show appreciation and keep our team inspired.

culture at scribeemr
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Career Development

ScribeEMR values progression over mere promotion, where we provide mentorship and support to help our team members advance their skills and achieve their professional goals.

Our commitment to growth ensures that employees can thrive and excel within the company.

By giving our employees more opportunities to move laterally and recognizing them for it, they can:

Monthly Events

Fun at work is an important part of ScribeEMR employees’ daily lives. Every month and on important dates, we have employee engagement programs in place.

Online events are a great way to start conversations and get to know people better. They are also an excellent way to bring your team together and combat the feelings of loneliness that some of your employees may be experiencing as a result of COVID-19.

Initiatives and Programs at ScribeEMR

Helping Hands

An initiative by all the team members to help the needy and unfortunate ones who cannot afford a decent life as well as fellow team members in the hour of need since we treat everyone as a family. In the past, we have helped NGOs as well as fellow team members and their families during financial and medical crises. Our biggest contribution was helping arrange 10 lakh rupees for a deceased team member’s family.

Lead Scribe program

We believe in the grooming and growth of all team members. Having said that, we give equal opportunities by promoting deserving candidates to the Lead Scribe position and upgrading their skills in team management and HR-related responsibilities. Lead scribes act as marquess and marquise of their own teams and are free to take decisions pertaining to the growth of their team members, reporting directly to them.

Rotatory Managerial program

The growth of the team members is not just curtailed when they become lead scribes. Our company encourages them to take on the roles and responsibilities of other designations by promoting deserving candidates to rotatory manager roles (Unit Heads/Quality Manager/Deputy Lead Scribes), where they are exposed to various challenges and opportunities to upgrade their skills.

Committees at ScribeEMR

Transportation is one of the biggest operational challenges faced by every organization, due to which additional resources are hired to handle the routes, pick-ups, and drops. Our goal is to expose each team member to the basics of running daily operations. Having said that, we provide the opportunity to team members on a routine basis to handle the transportation to check their managerial as well as leadership skills.   

eam members in this committee are tasked with organizing workplace parties, employee games, tournaments, competitions, and celebrating special days such as birthdays, outdoor trips, etc. The purpose of this committee is to bond the employees together and create a direct line of communication between them. 

Employees shortlisted for this committee are responsible to review and recommend policies for the library, with particular attention to the collection budget while keeping in mind interest of all the team members.

Employees shortlisted for this committee are responsible for reviewing and recommending policies for the library, with particular attention to the collection budget, while keeping in mind the interests of all the team members. 

How Does a Scribe Work With The Doctor

Patient Arrival

The patient fills out intake forms at the reception. Scribe anticipates the visit type and creates a note.

Patient Rooming

The MA/RN takes the patient to an exam room and updates the medication list, allergies, and medical history. Scribe reviews the updated information or works on previous notes.

Clinical Visit

The provider enters the exam room, interviews the patient, and completes a physical examination to give a diagnosis. The scribe listens to the conversation, comprehends it, and enters it in the EHR in medical verbiage.

Diagnosis and Plan

The provider formulates and discusses a plan based on his findings and medical knowledge. Scribe enters all relevant orders for lab tests, imaging, medications, referrals, etc.

Visit Completion

The provider signs off the orders after reviewing them and moves on to the next patient. Scribe clears up pending tasks in downtime or creates notes for the next patient.

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